Please enjoy our absolutely delicious Italian cuisine,
wholeheartedly prepared by our chef,
in a warm atmosphere like “home (Da Noi)”.

高輪 営業時間<12:00~22:00>
日本橋 営業時間<11:30~21:00 ※土日祝は休業>

Executive Chef

高橋 和男 / Kazuo Takahashi

He was born in 1968 in Tokyo. When he was working as a part-timer at an Izakaya-tavern during his high school days, he found his aptitude for cooking, and started his career from the lowest position at a French restaurant. He moved on to be trained at a Japanese restaurant, after which he came across Italian cuisine. While he started to brush up his skills at “Ristorante Siena”, he participated in the TV program - “TV Champion Italian Chef Competition #1” and won the first championship. He successively filled the positions of Head Chef at some Italian restaurants including “Antivino”, and was appointed to the Head Chef of “Da Noi Takanawa” in 2019. At the same time, he became the cooking advisor of Da Noi Nihonbashi and Takanawa. His cooking, which highlights the characteristics of each of its ingredients, has been praised not only for its taste but also for its fabulous presentation.