good food, excellent service, and a comfortable atmosphere.


A chanson café named "Giraud", which opened in Jinbocho in Tokyo's Kanda district in 1955, was where we started.
In the 1960s, we went on to open a pizza restaurant also named "Giraud", which became an explosive hit.
Later, in the 1970s, we received equity participation by general trading companies. This equity was used to operate a suburban restaurant chain called "Fiore", which eventually broke new ground for us, widely spreading a new culinary culture to Japanese households in an era of family restaurants.

Feeling strongly about offering authentic food to our customers, we decided to shift our business style from from what is called a "central-kitchen style" to one in which professional chefs at each restaurant would prepare food from scratch.
By doing so, we believed that our restaurants would be able to return to what they were originally intended to be: places that cater to the needs of each and every customer.

At the beginning of the 1990s, we began entering into business partnerships with overseas restaurant businesses, opening the first Ristorante Machiavelli restaurant in Shinjuku.
Ristorante Machiavelli is a restaurant from Florence, Italy with over 200-years of history.
This was followed by the openings of Trattoria Coltibuono (headquartered in Tuscany, Italy), a California-style Italian restaurant called A16 (headquartered in California, USA), and Cafe Landtmann (headquartered in Vienna, Austria). Concentrating on Italian restaurants, we have introduced a series of new restaurants and café brands to the Japanese market.

This year in 2014, we will expand our business to overseas markets. We want people around the world to know the restaurant brands that we developed in Japan. We want to spread our management philosophy to the rest of the world.

The essence of this philosophy is "striving to contribute to society by creating and introducing new culinary cultures."
With these ideas in mind, we will begin with our challenge in Asia.

We will keep listening to our customers carefully and continue to grow as a company.
That's the kind of company we strive to be.

Our strength

Our greatest strength lies in our management style. It brings out the passion and motivation of our employees, who insist on providing the best services and food to our customers.

We are constantly introducing new brands to the market to keep giving fresh experiences to our customers. Developing a wide range of businesses and brands is one of the characteristics of our business.
It is also our strength,
because the manager of each restaurant is allowed to apply his/her own ideas and individuality to create a unique establishment.
Managers might respond to the needs of customers by adding food menus that can be enjoyed with drinks.
Another manager might create a more intimate atmosphere through more personal customer service so that customers feel like coming back again and again.

The definition of “pleasant customer service” depends on each customer and how the customer is feeling that day. Likewise, what the customer wants to eat or what he/she thinks is delicious also changes.
We therefore believe that, even though it is the same restaurant under the same name, it is necessary to tailor the atmosphere, service, menu, and location to the targeted customers and concepts. We nurture the flexibility necessary for responding to these differences.
We do so by making use of the ideas we get from managers and other staff, rather than just relying on stereotyped service manuals.

Management philosophy

"We strive to contribute to society by creating and introducing new culinary cultures, ensuring the growth and prosperity of the company by receiving appropriate compensation, and improving the well-being of our employees."

This is the management philosophy of Giraud Restaurant System Co., Ltd.

We have three goals to realize this philosophy. They are to provide authentic food and beverages to our customers, to extend heartfelt hospitality to our customers, and to create an enjoyable atmosphere for our customers.
We at Giraud Restaurant System are committed to developing our restaurants by placing the utmost importance and priority on the voices and ideas of our on-site staff.


To expand our business by introducing more specialized restaurants, while continuing our focus on Italian restaurants.

In the restaurant industry a lot of information is being constantly exchanged and reputations are being created on a daily basis.
In such a fast-changing environment, we want to be a group of professionals who are not easily influenced by the trend of the day. We want customer satisfaction to be our top priority. In order to do so, we believe it is necessary to pursue specialization.

As a group of professionals, we will continue to stick to our ideals and goals. At the same time, we are also aware that the most important asset for a company is each one of its employees. We are committed to enhancing employee satisfaction and further improving the working environment so that the employees can work with pride and confidence. Business expansion will come as a natural result of these efforts. We believe that the business will grow naturally as long as we value our employees and continue doing what we need to do.

We will be opening our overseas store in 2014. The success of overseas business expansion is the first thing we must achieve as a company.

What we want to do next is to contribute to local communities overseas.

We want to return what we gained in that country. Based on this principle, we will strive to ensure that our efforts are helpful to the people in the countries where we conduct our business. We will do this through people-to-people exchanges, human resource development, and other programs.