good food, excellent service, and a comfortable atmosphere.

The working environment

Our president is very approachable person, and his friendliness is being passed on to the employees!
The best thing about our company is its friendly and comfortable atmosphere. The president takes time to inspect our restaurants regularly despite his busy schedule. Every time he does an inspection, he always has a meal at the restaurant he visits.
He is born to be a restaurateur, and he LOVES to be on-site.

"Those who know how to create the best atmosphere for the location and clientele are those who work at restaurants."
Our president strongly believes this maxim. Thanks to this, he always asking for people's suggestions as to how to create a friendlier atmosphere for customers every time he visits one of our restaurants. Since he works so closely with the restaurant staff, no one ever feels stressed or nervous when talking to the president. Please feel free to approach him with ideas about new services you would like to offer or any businesses you are interested in managing.

Our values

Our basic philosophy is that we can fully devote ourselves to our job and achieve results only when we have a fulfilling private life and support from family and friends. Of course, it is inevitable that it becomes difficult to take vacation days during busy periods or that we sometime need to work long hours; but this should never be the norm. This is why we encourage our employees to take vacation days. All employees, including the president, take least five consecutive days of summer vacation. We strongly believe that we are at our best when we work hard and play hard and when we keep ourselves in the best physical and mental condition.

Message from the recruiter

Without customer satisfaction there will be no growth, development, and expansion as a company.

There are only three basic elements required to run a successful restaurant business: good food, excellent service, and a comfortable atmosphere.

No restaurant can be successful if any of these elements is missing. What brings all three of these elements together is the staff's strong and professional determination. Needless to say, it is critically important to make profits as a company and grow the business.

However, we should never forget what truly matters to us.
We need to avoid pursuing immediate profits and forgetting about what is truly important to our customers.

Our management philosophy is "striving to contribute to society by creating and introducing new culinary cultures."
In the pursuit to keep introducing high added value restaurants, there is nothing more important than leveraging the skills and capabilities of our staff.

Japanese society is now facing an aging population and declining birth rate at an ever-accelerating pace. Along with changes in social structure, there is no doubt that our customers' needs will be much more diversified.

At the same time, the number of foreign tourists vising Japan has exceeded 10 million per year, and Tokyo has been appointed as the host city of the 2020 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Japan is right in the middle of the big wave that is globalization.

In order to be able to cope with this big wave of change, we will also do our best to globalize our staff. Race or nationality does not matter when it comes to satisfying our customers. We will provide our customers with delicious food, impressive service, and a comfortable atmosphere.

What we ask is that our employees have the strong will and attitude necessary to entertain and satisfy our customers.

We look forward to meeting our future colleagues from all over the world, who have that strong will and attitude.


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